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Projects are the fuel of contemporary organisations, ideally propelling them forward. They can concern any area and can be of any size, sometimes they need to be organised as programmes. Still, many companies are finding it hard to execute projects successfully and are not well enough equipped to manage the project portfolio efficiently and sustainably. This is where we can offer our skills.

managing projects and programmes successfully

To us, projects and programmes are temporary organisations and social systems. And that is exactly how we approach them:

  • Our support starts with defining the project or programme itself,
  • Initiating, starting, coordinating and controlling as well as closing it, and managing any critical situations that may arise.

  • Assisting in development of project management plans, adequate project designs, as well as defining project identities and designing the project management process.
  • Creating an environment that fosters a high performing project culture.
  • Managing the change dimension of projects.
  • Wherever possible, we help to integrate sustainable development principles into management to ensure value creation for the project investor and other stakeholders.

No matter what challenges you face during a project, we support you in resolving them and make sure of active engagement with all relevant stakeholders.

creating a structure. creating a mindset.

To fully unleash the strategic power of projects and programmes, specific governance structures are required. That is why our focus lies on

  • Creating project-oriented structures and processes such as project management, program management, project portfolio management
  • Supporting the development of competent executives and managers to act as project sponsors, project managers and project team members.
  • Defining adequate career paths, incentive systems, Human Resource Management processes, and professional development programs linked to certification programmes, if applicable.
  • Designing PM Offices and leading them through changes.
  • Creating values to support project-orientation

Boost the project and programme management competency within your organisation – we are happy to assist with our service formats using various methods like analysis, associative working methods, reframing, and more.

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