In times of expanding work regulation, increasing cross-border collaboration as well as complex projects and relationship-networks, the number of conflicts keeps rising. Mediation is a future-oriented process to resolve disputes within the organisation, a team or between individuals.

mediation in business management

Mediation focuses on positively influencing stakeholder relationships on a long-term basis rather than compromising them. This is why alternative settlements of disputes such as business mediation and project mediation can often resolve a conflict much more efficiently than “higher authorities”. When compared to the implications of going to court, mediation can save a lot of time, money and negative PR. Only mutual respect, fairness and cooperation lead to solid, dependable agreements.

mediation in project management

In case of conflicting stakeholder interests, mediation can be used for implementing a project or programme using healthy structures and increase the potential for its success. Integrating meditation as a preventive conflict measure in the set-up of a project facilitates a temporary “intermediate mediation” in case of a conflict.

The mediation process consists of five phases:

  • clarifying the assignment
  • identifying the issues
  • carving out interests and needs
  • developing and evaluating options
  • concluding an agreement

We offer business as well as project mediation and help projects to integrate preventative conflict measures as part of project management, as well as mediation in case of conflict.

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