enable strategy

Strategy and vision are essential for any organisation with ambition to last. They offer orientation for both the company and its stakeholders. They answer questions, such as: What do we want? Where do we go and how?

But what good are these answers if they don’t lead to tangible results? Translating their strategies into actions and implementing any required changes is a primary challenge for many companies. We want you to meet this challenge, by working together with us.

from vision to action to change

Enabling strategy requires a finely balanced set of skills in order to facilitate the process of developing and implementing strategies, as well as addressing the resulting changes in your organisation.

  • Together, we identify the required type of change for a specific situation and build an appropriate structure for your change processes.
  • Taking into account the individual complexity level, we help you handle these change processes through projects or  programmes if appropriate.
  • To support these changes, we define and design roles, including change sponsors, change managers and change agents.
  • A change communications plan ensures that all the different stakeholder’s expectations and concerns will be addressed.

balancing change with stability

Enabling strategy also means setting up structures that support your organisation and team to create sustainable solutions, especially in times of change.

Depending on your specific requirements, we combine various service formats, such as coaching, mediation and more, with appropriate methods, such as systemic constellations, associative working methods, reframing, etc.


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