ISO meeting Vienna, Austria

ISO meeting Vienna, Austria

erstellt am: 14.01.2016 | von: Stefan Narosy

As announced in September 2014, Vienna hosted a meeting for 3 working groups of the ISO Technical Committee 258 on “project, programme and portfolio management” from February 2nd to 6th 2015. The working groups had intensive and also very productive days in Vienna:

The working group on project portfolio management decided in Vienna to go for “International Standard” (and will therefore be soon available on the market)
The working group on governance of projects, programmes and portfolios worked hard on resolving comments and by this, further developing its quality and decided by the end of the week, to go for DIS (Draft International Standard)-status, which means that the “International Standard” might be already available in 2016
The working group on programme management also resolved their comments, and will meet next in august in Toronto to go for their next stage.

Besides hard work, a rich social programme enlightened the evenings. Monday evening the formal welcome reception was held in the Wiener Rathaus, sponsored by the City of Vienna and the Austrian Standards Institute. Tuesday evening, Projekt Management Austria sponsored a “Viennese Evening” in the Berggasse, with traditional Viennese Food and guided tours through the Sigmund Freud Museum (located directly opposite of pma). Brigitte Schaden and Dagmar Zuchi welcomed the international group in traditional Trachten. Thursday evening, the Wiener Stadtwerke sponsored the farewell party with food, music and guided tours through the „Remise“-Museum.

It was a wonderful and very successful week of the ISO Technical Committee 258 on “project, programme and portfolio management”.