associate andreas schimanko

Andreas Schimanko spent 30 years in various positions in information technology in the financial services sector. He is a leading expert in IT architecture, IT consolidation, IT standards, IT costs as well as strategy and compliance. As a long-time IT manager, he led a team of highly qualified professionals to implement innovative IT systems, define standards and roadmaps, and evaluate new trends in the market. As such, he shaped the IT landscapes of his clients for decades. As a sought-after programme and project manager, he was responsible for numerous projects in the national and international environment. In addition to the management his spectrum extends to the strategic, tactical and political orientation of stringent change processes. In this role, he also demonstrated his ability as an accomplished negotiator and mediator in changes with high potential for conflict in terms of organizational, technical and commercial impacts. He is a competent moderator when it comes to presenting and explaining complex technical issues as a key basis for decision-making on top management level.


  • Strategic and tactical alignment of change processes
  • Stakeholder-oriented project and programme management
  • Change Management
  • Moderation of complex problems
  • Business und IT Alignement
  • Planning and design of IT architectures
  • Process analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Leadership und Social Skills
  • Assesment of organisations on digital fitness and agility

Languages: German, English, French, Italian